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Thread: How do I setup IPTV on my Samsung Smart TV using my Spiderbox 6000 cre

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    How do I setup IPTV on my Samsung Smart TV using my Spiderbox 6000 cre

    I have a spiderbox 6000 hd receiver and was looking to use my samsung smart tv to use the smart IPTV app so I can watch things using my spiderbox credentials. So that I can watch the same channels like I do on my spiderbox on the smart tv. My channels first started working by uploading the patch on spiderbox but unlike the .m3u files or the .iptv files which I can view and edit using textedit or notepad, I cant access the file like that as it provides just random letters and numbers.

    For example my .m3u file which is uploaded onto the smart iptv app :
    HTML Code:
    #EXTINF:-1,beinHD Sport 1 FR
    #EXTINF:-1,beinHD Sport 2 FR
    ‪#EXTINF:-1,Film Hits+1
    #EXTINF:0,RTV 21 popullore
    #EXTINF:0,Klan Kosova
    #EXTINF:0,***** M
    #EXTINF:0,Top Channel HD
    Hope you can help. Thankstesttes iptv.txt
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    Samsung iptv app uses _
    1. you have to pay a 'subscription' - only about 6
    2. convert your m3u file on their web site to txt file
    3. upload it to their site in 'my list'

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