Good afternoon

Has anyone seen anything like the following weird behaviour:

I have now got the Icecrypt STC3250CCIHD connected to one of my BEST 4-way switches which controls 4x LNBs on one of my dishes, and via my *** DSM10 sat signal meter before the switch, but something very weird appears to happen.

AFAIK, these BEST switches are committed 4-way Diseqc 1.0 items and therefore should only (?) respond to signals to connect to LNBs 1-4 but the DSM10 [which, unusually. has Diseqc signal leds for a 2-way DiSEqC system (A, B) and an 8-way system (S1-S8) to show which Diseqc selection has been made ], and that shows that the actual selected LNB is often different to that selected in the Diseqc options list (i.e. 1-2 of 2, 1-4 of 4, 1-8 of 8, and 1-16 of 16). For example with the 3250 set to LNB 2 of 4, the meter sometimes shows the selected LNB to be 1 of 4, or 3 of 4, rather than 2 of 4, or sometimes even a non-existent LNB 7 or 8.

This behaviour is confirmed when I put my hand in front of each LNB in turn (the dish is at ground level!) and that shows that, even though I have selected LNB 2 in the 3250 menu, LNB 1 is actually the active receiving LNB because the signal strength on the meter changes considerably only when my hand is in front of that one.

I have also occasionally noticed that the actual selected LNB can sometimes start out as say LNB 2 but then change to another LNB after a few seconds, just as if the 3250 has changed the signal to the switch during that period.

BTW 1: I had an old, but working, Spaun 411 4-way switch on this dish until yesterday afternoon when I began to notice the same sort of behaviour with that, thought it had gone faulty and swapped it for one, and then a second (!), of the BESTs (I have 3 of them) but I now see that they all exhibit very similar behaviour!

BTW2: Nothing like this happened when I had the 3250 connected to the Opticon 10-way switch (still factory configured in Mode 1 as it appears practically impossible to get the programmer to change it to anything else!) with 8x LNBs on 2 other dishes nearby!

All this is leading me to think that there is something weird going on in the 3250 but I have no idea what it might be.

Therefore does anyone have any idea what might be going on &/or suggest a solution to the BEST/SPAUN 4-way switch issues?

Thanks in advance.