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Thread: Need help with spiderbox 9900

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    Need help with spiderbox 9900

    Hope you van help me with a problem in having on 28east

    I'm running two hd9900 one in living and one in bedroom both have there own keys the one downstairs was updated last week with compass spider box 700-9900 and one upstairs I just update this by checking freq update

    my problem is on compass new update some freq like 11170h dvb-s qpsk is giving me s----- ir----- open but not in hd now put freq in box upstairs and will not open one downstairs says open iks there is three other channels that are op
    en with iks like b- s---- but will not open upstairs these three channels are not hd

    am I missing something

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    Just wonder if the Service.I.D is the same on both boxes, as you are using someone else's list.
    Go to the channel, then press OK to bring up the list, then inf button left of the sat selector, you
    will then see the S.I.D's, V.P.I.D's and A.P.I.D's. If they are the same on both boxes, then you will
    need to look elsewhere for the problem. Have you tried deleting the frequency and then adding it again?
    If the info is different, then you could try adding it yourself

    Menu, Satellite Search, Pin if necessary, Red button on bottom left TP Edit, Blue button bottom Right PID Add,
    enter the data, scroll down to PID add, click OK to save.
    I seem to have a couple of listings for this channel,all SD, and have 2 different S.I.D's 51111 and 51122, they both open
    for me using cline, the 51111 opens for me with IKS
    Hope this is of some help.

    regards mobley2

    NB . I have used Compass's list before and did not have a problem, my current list is a compilation of an old Billybits list and my own added channels etc,
    usually from KIS site. The only HD channel I have is Set....HD, but it shows different programs from Set....Ire...d
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    I still have my spiderbox 9900HD,(not in use),is there any use in keeping it.
    I am using a Hitechbox HB9000

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    Keep your HD9900 hd as a back if one went down I have just done that my spiderbox HD9900 hd gave up on me it lasted five years but I had HD9000 lying up in loft installed iks on it now working great so keep your HD9900.

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