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Thread: Dodgy LNB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickha View Post
    Because it is usually the LNB, and not the receiver, plus replacing the LNB is extremely cheap.
    Quite often we ask members to check their receiver, on another dish, even a fixed sky dish, but looking at the pictures, and the age, of the LNB, the odds are that the LNB has failed.
    I'm surprised an installer left a monobloc LNB, on a motorized dish, but it seems to have worked, for the user, has he got quite a few satellites, including 16E, and 4.8E, although he disn't mention 7E, 10E, and especially 23.5E.
    Sorry, didn't list all satellites I can receive, just the ones I can remembers using!!!! I also suspect that current setup can get other satellites outside the 0.8w-28.2 range I mentioned. It's just that that gives me everything I need and never bothered with anything else!

    Yes, I did connect receiver to a Sky dish and this pulled in all 28.8E channels.

    Anyway, on to the good news.......the guy has been, fitted a new dish/LNB and all is working great again. In fact, the signal strength has gone up significantly (0.8W is 81% and 28.2E is 100%!!!!!!)

    So, well happy with the outcome.

    Many thanks for all your interesting comments/suggestions

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