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Thread: iptv in caravan

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    iptv in caravan

    how could i set up iptv in caravan is only way with a dongle. ??? never used one so dunno how i could set it up on a mag 254, any help from anybody whoes done this ios appreciated my freind got a caravanin lake district and wants decent tv to watch. grangee over sands but doesnt thinki sky could fit internet and tv into his caravan is only option a dongle and how would he st this up thanks

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    first task is to see if the site has wifi (free or paid for) as this will be the best (and maybe the only) option

    if not then he is probably going to need a 4G signal so check if its available and if you have the correct provider for it

    then it may be a case of trying wifi dongles or setting up a router of some sort in the caravan that can handle the camp wifi or the 4g dongle

    I doubt it will work just plugging in a usb device into the mag but there may be some compatible usb dongles or wifi adapters out there that may work if the mag has android drivers for the devices ?

    maybe the mag has built in wifi ? in which case it needs to be able to log into the camp wifi system (if available)

    so start with an internet source and work backwards to the caravan and mag, solving each technical issue as it comes up

    so the first task is to get the mag onto the internet , not iptv (iptv comes last)

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    If he has a 3g phone, many of them can be configured as a WiFi hotspot that re-shares the phone's data allowance. It just saves buying a 3G (or 4G) dongle and is only really practicable if the phone has an unlimited data allowance or a very generous one.

    Re sky FTA, I have a satellite system in my camper and a solar panel charger which gives about 3 hours of TV a day from a 70AHour deep cell 12V battery. Many Sat receivers and smaller screen TVs with external power supplies can work directly off a deep cell 12V battery but beware of using it when charging from a car alternator due to possible over-voltage considerations unless a limiter is fitted.

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    these dongles need to be kept alive with a ping script
    they go in to sleep mode and glitch

    the script pings a site the dongle never sleeps
    no glitch

    the script eats all the data tho

    this will ping bbc forever or untill you stop it

    ping &
    save as
    attributes 755

    run the script with telnet or use a crontab
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    Word of caution, using anything other than a WiFi link to a camp site broadband i.e. 3g or 4g can be very expensive for streaming TV so check your provider's cost base and download limits.

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    hi all thanks for replys i tried replying but somthing wrong through *** browser wouldnt let me reply.i tried the site few weeks ago managed to log box onto camp wifi it worked but kept crashing obviously not fast enoughh, is there any examples how i can set up a internet bridge and is it easy to can i use a dongle that connect to the router to give me a lan connection. i tried to usb a mifi into box but it doesn t work any help appreciated.

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    Ive been using a TP-LINK TL-MR3020 for a few years in my camper and in hotels, its a tini usb powered router, that has ethernet out.
    Theres a few ways to use it, I tether my phone to it, and use the ethernet to a satbox , for clearing purposes.

    Its also good for paid wifi, with a dedicated ip. That way you can make the box the dedicated ip and create your own wifi using wisp mode.

    and also theres a dongle option on it , or can be used as an extender

    Theres quite a few videos on it, it might be worth looking at.

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