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Thread: Prismcube Jet & Plug

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    Prismcube Jet & Plug

    Having launched the Prismcube Ruby in 2013 and introducing the worlds first XBMC based DVB-S2 twin tuner PVR satellite receiver, Marusys are now pushing the envelope further.

    The Prismcube Jet & Plug is currently the fastest proposition of a satellite receiver in the world.


    The main unit 'Jet' is the entertainment hub. It is a powerful entertainment media hub with pluggable tuners, running XBMC4STB on a super fast Dual Core 5000 DMIPS (2GHz CPU).


    Added to that is the 'Plug' which is a separate 'slave' unit. This encompasses a CI slot, a 2.5" HDD bay and an additional USB 2.0 slot. You simply stack the 'Jet' upon the 'Plug'.

    3268819jet3 (1).jpg

    With the already vast library of XBMC add-ons and media entertainment possibilities this seems to increasingly represent an exciting new direction of convergence.


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