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Thread: Help with Cuberevo Twin Tuner, HD PVR Ready BOX PLEASE!!!

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    Help with Cuberevo Twin Tuner, HD PVR Ready BOX PLEASE!!!

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to all this but i'm pretty good with computers, heres me thinking this would be an easy setup but I thought wrong. I'll give you a rough guide of what i've already done but a step by step guide or a list of software/addons that I need to install and how to install them would be much appreciated.

    Ok, so i've setup the box with original software and it worked fine, got the freeview channels etc... great picture quality and sound etc... but the paid to air channels were all coming up scrambled and i've checked online that you can install custom software and addons that can give you those channels aswell...

    So.... I downloaded Vodka, didn't really get this working and thought what the heck lets try something else, I was recommended online to use PGI1.4 and this installed and everything but when it came to scanning for the channels it wouldn't find any channels on any server/dish so I then installed Enigma2 and it works fine with the freeview channels..

    Basically what I want to do with the box now is remove Enigma2 from it and install either Vodka or PGI and get all channels working on the box. I was told that I would need the box to be connected to the PC and i've hooked it up using a cat52 cable, not sure if thats the right name, but it's a purple wire if that helps.

    As you can see i'm not very good at networking with ANYTHING.

    As much help on this would be much appreciated, any suggestions or advice would be most kindly appreciated.

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    What model cuberevo you have? For me IP9000 is best latest PGI1.4 For installing first make factory reset and then install first original soft (cuberevo.r13791) and then PGI version. Check that you have right version for you model. Easyst way is use USB stick. How to do is in manual or you find it fom internet. What it mean you not find channels ? have you made satellite settings and correct fec in database?

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    I've managed to hook the box and get the free view channels etc... with Vodka011 image. I've taken the Enigma2 image off now after getting the PC/Laptop to recognize the box.

    I'm now trying to connect to the box via FTP but nothing seems to work, I get connection time out errors, server refused connections etc....

    I've tried using FTP clients, PCEditor, DCC but none of them work at all....

    Do I need to be USB Upgrade mode on the box to connect or not? I've tried both ways with the box on standby and in USB Mode, i've always tried whiles the box is running but nada....

    any advice or suggestions?

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