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Thread: F1 on RTL television

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    F1 on RTL television

    Hello, just a query really, been doing a little bit of research and found that RTL television on 19.2e Fta may be broadcasting the F1. On their website all appears to hint towards that. So my question is, are RTL television on 19.2 E showing the F1 Live. I understand that there will be no Eng commentary but not so bothered about that.


    I dont speak german and babel makes no sense .

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    Yes they are showing all races. Have you never seen their reporter Kai Abel in the background when Martin Brundle is trying to get interviews on the grid? Think it's also on TF1 fta. No listing on LJ's yet but a big thread on digitalspy about it. RTL are showing the saturday 3rd practice and quali in addition the sunday race live from Melbourne. A mate of mine and his daughter are flying down from Sydney to watch it. Grrr....
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    17th March

    0430-0530 RTL
    Motor Racing Formula 1 Grand Prix 3rd Free Practice
    from Melbourne, Australia

    0530-0725 RTL
    Motor Racing Formula 1 Grand Prix Qualifying
    from Melbourne, Australia

    18th March

    0445-0840 RTL
    Motor Racing Formula 1 Grand Prix The Race
    from Melbourne, Australia

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    Hi just wanted to share how I watch F1 using the RTL channel on astra. As only some races are being broaadcast FTA on BBC, I use the RTL1 channel on Astra1 for video feed (with the audio muted on TV) and audio feed using an external Freeview box connected to the sound system at home and turning on the BBC R5L as they have live commentary for all the races. It works very well in this setup providing you are using the SD version of RTL1 as this is the one that is synching the audio with the picture very well(but the germans have good quality on the SD anyway). There is a couple of seconds lag on the HD version so it doesn`t work that well unless you have a system tht lets you set the lag on the BBC R5L. Can also use a DAB radio for audio. I watch all the missing races this way and it works very well if you don`t want to give in to the grinch just for F1
    I know its an old thread , but since it is only mid season in F1 someone may find some use for it I hope. I am a great fan of F1 and I couldn`t live without it so this is what I came up with to make the most of the Sat/terrestial to follow ALL the races(been doing it since the first race that BBC lost to sly)
    There are also channels without adverts but I won`t even go to details as this would be in breach of the rules
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