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Thread: Finally a quiet DVD player !!

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    Finally a quiet DVD player !!

    Having purchased my 8000 with a Sony slotted DVD player found in particular
    3 self written DVDs that the noise was diabolical. Also found standard DVDs
    far too noisy.

    Tried a Samsung tray loader, just as noisy. Read an article about a Panasonic
    slotted DVD player that was quoted as quiet, cost around 50-00 with postage
    to get from Hong Kong, only slightly quieter.At least was able to get a refund
    on Samsung.

    As a final try before using an external LG PC BD player writer that I fitted into
    a USB case (a lot cheaper that way) purchased an LG tray loader DVD player.
    Excellent for 21.00. Though not a BD player plays handles all formats &
    apart from a small amount of initial load up sound just has a quiet whirr if
    you put your ear close to it. All DVDs l've tried so far have been a constant
    quiet noise level including the bad ones. It's not audible without sound at
    normal viewing distance. Didn't see why I should put up with noise at the
    price of 8000. The LG Blu-Ray I fitted to a small case is also virtually silent.
    This also writes in BD as I purchased this for PC backup to RWs & can use on any PC.

    Regards catoro.

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    Quiet DVD player

    i think there is a guide to be written here since I have been very lucky with both HDD and DVD. Both were cheap and came from a store beginning in M****** and both are only audible if you put your ear up to the front of the box. As I said on a previous thread the DVD can make an initial noise with some pirated copies!!oops but otherwise all good. Perhaps we all ought to give a list of names of the brands that work well if that doesnt upset board protocol, and it certainly seems to be that cheap is fine for an expensive box for addons!! @ Catoro - glad you have got success at last since I remember your original thread re this. Cheers - Brain

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