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Thread: Can Dm800 play .avi files?

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    Can Dm800 play .avi files?

    Hi all,

    I downloaded a .avi file, and moved it to the /hdd/movie directory via ftp.

    I tried then to play it through the file manager, but the box just hung, i.e. the little gears came in the corner etc ...

    Should the DM800 be able to hande these files?

    cheers ... Wally

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    Try playing via media player, they work for me with 500HD

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    Or convert them to mkv using something like handbrake.

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    ]DIVX/AVI Playback ON DM800 Tutorial

    1. First you need to install VLC on your PC, use the latest version here

    2. Start the install of VLC but make sure you install it under the Full install option.

    3. After the VLC install has complete we need to add some extra info for this to work.

    4. Right click the VLC icon on your PC desktop and select properties. Now in the target field add this --intf wxwin --extraintf=http to the end of the line you already have. It should look like this

    "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --intf wxwin --extraintf=http

    Apply this!

    5. Now on your PC start the VLC Player, i do this via the PC start menu. Just minimise VLC to the task bar.

    6. We now need to setup the VLC front end on you 800. To do this go to the plugins menu of your 800 and start the VLC Video Player.Then press add server. Setup as follows.

    Server Name: Server 1

    Enter VLC-Server as FQDN or IP-Address: IP-ADDRESS

    Server Address: put in your PC's IP address 192.168.1.***

    HTTP Port: 08080 Leave as is

    Movie Directory: C:/ (use any directory you like on your PC)
    DVD Device: Leave as is

    Transcode MPEG/DVD Video: YES

    Video Codec: MPEG2

    Video Bitrate: 2000

    Video Resolution: Leave as default for testing or setup to suit you tv.

    7. Press the green button to save the details you have entered.

    8. Now for testing i advise you lower and firewalls you have on your PC.

    9. Now make sure you have a divx or avi movie on your directory.

    10. Select the VLC Player plugin highlight the server you just created and press the ok button to start it. You should now see your PC's directory on the left scroll to the Movie and play.

    Settings the you can play with to achieve optimal performance are.

    Video Bitrate:
    Video Resolution:
    Overscan Correction:
    Audio Codec.

    Got this from other places.

    Now I couldn't get vlc to install via plugin menu on the dm800 I got errors, what I had to do was ftp the attached vlc file (enigma2-plugin-extensions-vlcplayer_experimental-cvs20100803-r0_mipsel.ipk) to /tmp then do a manual install ipk file, reboot the box and all was fine.

    Also I had to go through a few versions of VLC because adding to target in properties on the latest and few other versions of vlc wouldn't start up, version worked for me was vlc-0.8.6i-win32.exe, so i'll attach the vlc file and the ipk file if any of you have problems. Everything working fine for me.

    Final point, you can go into settings on the dm800 and mount your share, you need to give it a user/pass from pc, what I did was enable guest account on the pc and set a password for it (not many mentions of that in guides I came across) Also what I did was have my movies on another partition inside a folder and shared this folder only, lets say F:/movies, this would be the info you add when you edit the vlc server on the dm800.

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    Sorry to highjack this thread but on reading scallwag's post I thought he may be able to help me on mine re HDD probs.

    As soon as I get my prob sorted I'll give it a go scallywag but I may need further help as I'm a bit of a newbie even though I've had the box for about 4 years.



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