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Thread: Fortis_CCCam, for all Fortis receivers, Including Icecrypt

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    Icon14 Fortis_CCCam, for all Fortis receivers, Including Icecrypt

    Hello to all Icecrypt / Fortis users
    here is a small file for you that like to run CCcam on you,r box
    Only Client can be used for now, and only 10 lines

    i do not have Icecryt 4000, but have Octagon 1018 that is the same as the Ice4000, and i have Fortis 90000, and this file runs very well with bit Fortis 9000 and Octagon 1018
    Rember after you install this file please reboot the box.

    If you have any other emu installed , backup the file before replacing with this one

    Please download and install manualy with FTP
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