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Thread: OoZooN-CVS-full with the panel on BLUE

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    OoZooN-CVS-full with the panel on BLUE

    I have looked at times the work done for a panel's OoZooN (toller Testkandidat) shut. 
    You must install OoZooN-full, open-panel 0.8, CSV Multimeter Quick Button 0.2. (yes I know in 0.1 Rel was a bug on the blue button) and the used plugins (see pictures below) that give's now a treat. 
    The attached tarball must be installed at the end! 
    1: root @ dm8000: ~ # tar-xzvf OoZooN-CVS Panel.tar.gz / 
    OoZooN Panel & Open & Multi Quick Button 
    P.S. you can open different panels on the other buttons set. 
    (See example in / etc / MultiQickButton / quickbutton_blue.xml) 
    Respect for a Enigma2 Multi Quickbutten must update to be installed!
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